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Lynne Hurd Bryant had gone to art school, but it wasn't until she got her LUCY that she felt confident enough to call herself an artist. 

Jo Jenkins, who took many art classes because she always wanted to be artistic—even though she could only draw stick figures—finally began to really learn to draw after getting the LUCY.

Larry Goff tried numerous online "learn to draw" exercises with little to no progress, until the LUCY finally gave him his artistic breakthrough.

Art school, classes, or online resources are great, but the LUCY Drawing Tool was the solution for many. Artists are visual learners, and LUCY teaches art visually. The LUCY Learning Hub revolutionizes art learning by integrating the LUCY Tool into courses, offering personal teacher feedback and a supportive artist community!

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LUCY Learning Hub is an innovative, growing, interactive art course learning hub. Dive into everything from basic drawing and painting to intricate portraiture and lively watercolor techniques. Our focus is on personal growth, first by cultivating a love for art and then channeling that energy into productive, hands-on learning.

Other courses often spotlight the teacher’s talent, sidelining your learning experience. You end up watching them showcase their skills rather than enhancing your own. At LUCY Learning Hub, our courses are designed to be accessible and digestible, ensuring you actively learn and grow. With the LUCY integrated into the curriculum, learning is fun, effective, and hands-on.

Integrating the LUCY Drawing Tool into our courses and tutorials not only makes learning more enjoyable and effective but also speeds up the learning process. This tool improves hand-eye coordination, demonstrates perspective and foreshortening, and helps translate 3D objects into 2D sketches, allowing you to draw accurately what you see. LUCY Learning Hub's use of the LUCY Drawing Tool provides essential support, acting like training wheels as you embark on your artistic journey.

But learning at LUCY Learning Hub goes beyond just the courses because we are your complete interactive learning hub. Connect with our art teachers and engage with fellow students in our dynamic online forum. Here, you can share your artwork, receive personalized feedback, and find inspiration and support within a community of like-minded artists.

Enjoy full, unlimited access to over 40 hours of lessons in hundreds of videos spread across various courses, these resources are just the start. You'll also access reference photo libraries and convenient LUCY video manuals—all included in your subscription.

LUCY Learning Hub is an ever-expanding universe of art education. Each month, we add new content, ensuring you always have fresh and exciting courses and tutorials to explore. The new content added each month will be worth more than the cost of your monthly subscription, increasing the value you receive month after month. As you grow and evolve as an artist, LUCY Learning Hub grows with you, continually providing new challenges and opportunities to enhance your skills.

LUCY Learning Hub will expand into a vast selection of courses, tutorials, and other resources. But, as a founding member, your introductory promo pricing stays locked for the life of your membership. Even as the catalog grows and subscription prices increase for new members, your prices remain the same. LUCY Learning Hub isn't just a learning platform—it's an investment in your artistic future.

Enroll now to start engaging with our courses, interacting with the art teacher and fellow students, and maximizing the potential of your LUCY to become a modern master.

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